Now we´ve left a warm and sunny August behind us to enter the first month of autumn, September. We wish to start this autumn by highligting an important and significant day.

Saturday 10th of September is the "International Suicide Prevention Day".

This day was established in collaboration between the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2003.

Since then, on the same date every year, they together with others have worked for increased awareness and knowledge and reduced stigma attached to suicide. Through lectures, workshops and public education, they´ve worked actively to spread knowledge and reduce suicide all over the world.

During 2021 - 2023, the theme for this day is "Creating hope through action". A focus that wants to show how all of us, through our actions, small and large, can help those around us who struggle with suicidal thoughts. And also to emphasize the importance of prioritizing suicide prevention measures internationally, especially in the places and countries where access to mental care and evidence-based interventions is low.


SUICIDE PREVENTION - "Not being able to live is not the same as not wanting to live"

HealSafe Interiör wants to increase the awareness and knowledge about suicide in order to reduce stigma and improve the conditions for, among other things, mental health care and correctional care. Therefore, we have chosen to focus on the concept of "Suicide prevention" in our 6th theme in our series on occasion of our 10th anniversary.

"The Swedish pioneer of suicide prevention research, Jan Beskow*, used to say that term "taking one's life" is so much better than the usual "suicide" or “self-murder” that is often used in everyday speech. When he explained why, one understands that suicide is neither a choice, a murder, nor a fate, but an accident - a psychological accident. It can be seen as a condition where the way out of unimaginable problems and extremely painful circumstances provides no other options than to remove life.”

This is a short extract from this 6th text. The text in its entirety can be found as usual under the "Bulletin board" tab on our website.  Read it on the website or download it. Feel free to share with e.g. your colleagues.

On the "Bulletin board" you can also find the other important concepts that we´ve written about previous.


"STEP FOR LIFE" - the movie

In connection with "International Suicide Prevention Day", activities are organized all over the world, e.g. by our partner SPIV (– Suicid prevention i Väst). In collaboration with the Västra Götaland region, SPIV has created an educational film named "Step for life". The film provides solid advice on how we can identify, approach, and help those who are having suicidal thoughts.

Watch the film here: https://stegforlivet.se/steps-for-life/

Other organizations that organize lectures, workshops and other events are listed below: SPIV - IASP - SUICIDE PREVENTIVE DAY (SV) - THE PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY (SV)