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December 2022

Read about new products from MPE!

Product news - graffiti remover for all year round

      Two new graffiti removers that are both fast & efficient, and can be used all year round! They are both A-classified by the Swedish Transport Administration and approved by BASTA and Stockholm City.

Vehicle cleaning

     Products for cleaning trains, buses, trucks, construction machinery and cars:

SPS Greenclean

A Nordic Ecolabelled product that can be used for cleaning all types of vehicles.

MPE Super Wash

A highly concentrated alkaline product that can be used for high pressure, brush and automatic washing.

MPE Degreasing

A powerful degreaser that removes asphalt, tar and road salt.

MPE Foam Wash

Is a high-foaming product for vehicle cleaning.

MPE Boggie Cleaner

Is a highly alkaline product for cleaning trains.

MPE Rail Cleaner

Quickly and effectively cleans surfaces heavily soiled by iron oxides, dirt and air pollution.

SPS Trud

A pH neutral product that effectively and gently cleans rims and removes oxides from painted surfaces.

SPS Freja

A product that very effectively cleans dirty washing halls.

New layout on labels

     As usual, MPE is in constant development, the latest update that you customers may have noticed is our new label layout!

MPE wishes you all a
Merry Christmas
& a Happy New Year!

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