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#39 April 2022

Read about new products, approvals, MPE 2022 and much more!



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      The remediation industry is in a positive trend, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, the proportion of companies participating in public procurement is declining and is now down to less than 60%. Read more about this under the heading Industry report.

   Extreme instability in the market in an extraordinary situation drives up prices. Throughout 2021, we have seen price increases for raw materials, driven by a sharp increase in demand due to the pandemic and an extreme increase in shipping costs from Asia.

   MPE International will be even greener in 2022! New industry approvals for products, product news and improvements on existing ones. Read on to see which products it is about!

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Industry report

   Almega's industry report for remediation companies believes that our industry is in a positive trend with expectations of strong order development, increasing sales and improved profitability.
   Read the report here!

Easter at MPE

   MPE closes for Easter holidays at 12 on Thursday 14 April and then reopens on Tuesday 19 April.

   We would therefore like to remind you to place orders in time, to replenish the stock before the holiday.

Extreme instability in the market

   Extreme instability in the market in an extraordinary situation drives prices up.

   Throughout 2021, we have seen price increases for raw materials, driven by a sharp increase in demand due to the pandemic and an extreme increase in shipping costs from Asia. But what we see now is something completely different. The world is holding its breath while parts of Europe are at war, a war that is affecting the Ukrainian people and the world order we have taken for granted.

   This instability in the market has pushed prices up sharply, to levels no one could have foreseen. Prices of raw materials for the products and also the cost of other types of raw materials such as energy, freight, cans, cartons and pallets have increased sharply. We are simply facing a situation we have not seen before in modern times, with cost increases that significantly affect us.

   Apart from the fact that prices are skyrocketing, there is a shortage of raw materials. So far, we have managed to get hold of raw materials and achieved the desired delivery times to our customers, but even here we see that it is becoming increasingly difficult.

   We ask you to place your orders on time, to make it easier for us to handle the purchase of raw materials and deliver the products on time.

MPE International AB will be even greener in 2022!

   MPE not only delivers eco-labeled products, such as the Nordic Ecolabel and Good Environmental Choice etc. Now we will also do what we can for greener packaging and transport!

   We will change from 5 to 10 liter cans, which means that we do not have to deliver in cartons to the same extent as now. We will also buy cans of recycled plastic on the packaging that is possible.

Product news & approvals


In our latest customer survey, it emerged that many customers find it difficult to clean graffiti from road signs, plexiglass and other sensitive surfaces, without damaging the underlying surface.

That's why we have now developed OFF Graffiti Remover 4! During the process, several of our customers have been involved in evaluation and conducted tests.

For example, Robin at PSI Services has tested on road signs and Jörgen at LPE in Gothenburg has done tests on plexiglass and road signs - both with good results!

Watch a video with tests below:

   Improved products:

   Not only do we develop new products, we have also improved old favorites - OFF Oden och OFF Poseidon Power has now become even more efficient after we made improvements in the composition!

New partner in Norway

   Cleanhub AS - our new dealer in Norway!

"Cleanhub AS (formerly PLS Norge AS) is a supplier to the major wholesalers in Norway.

We want to be a Hub for well-known and own brands within professional cleaning in Norway.

We believe in competence, innovation and hard work."

- Stian Hillmann Godeng,
Cleanhub AS


   MPE International is largest in the Nordic region when it comes to graffiti remediation training! The annual course in Gothenburg is fully booked, but we have a few spots left in Stockholm 17-19 May. All info about this here. 

   Here are some courses we held in 2022:

Training of Stockholm City contractors
(Liselotte Lööf AB & Klotterkonsulten)

A course for Göteborgs Spårvägar Trafikantservice

Course in graffiti removal of buses for Arriva's staff in Stockholm

Graffiti remediation course with MTR Facility Management AB in Stockholm.


Fire remediation

   SPS Skade & SPS Greenclean are popular products for fire remediation.
Here are jobs where Ocab and Iskad have done their fire clean-ups with the products: