Healsafe Interiör

Newsletter APRIL 2023


We wish everyone a safe and secure Easter

With our self-harm and suicide resistant tableware, you can not only set the table for Easter but every day in a safe, secure and sustainable way.

Our safety cutlery, unbreakable plates and glasses contribute to increased autonomy and a "normalized" environment. The tableware is made of durable and unbreakable plastic with specific material properties and design to minimize the risk of creating sharp objects. Positive conditions for creating a caring and healing environment.

For our Easter table setting, we thought our green plates in BIO material fit perfectly. Plates that have more than 80% less carbon footprint compared to similar products based on conventional plastics.

(All our tableware products are reusable products, which contributes to less environmental impact compared to disposable products.)

Click on the image links and the button below to learn more about our tableware.

Happy holidays!




Some of our TABLEWARE

Drinking glass, 28 cl

Plates Bio

Safety cutlery

Water pitcher, 1,4 lit

Coffee mug


Call 0706-78 54 00 or send an email to info@healsafeinterior.com for questions about household utensils or other parts of our range.