Case Study: Hospitality Tech Upgrading a Renowned German Rehabilitation Clinic

The Deegenbergklinik is a 210-rooms, residential rehabilitation clinic in Germany.

Patients who typically stay here for 3 weeks, were complaining about the aging WLAN, outdated TVs, and most importantly the staff was struggling to use advanced medical technology due to poor connectivity. 

Read how Hoist Group delivered on all their requirements in this case study.



Faces Behind Hoist Group

This time we would like to introduce Matt Krzeminski, part of our Corporate Marketing Team based in the UK. Never a dull day in marketing where the main focus is to bring updated information and offers to you. 


Launching Digital Transformation Plan for hotels! 

Recently Hoist Group launched the Digital Transformation Plan for hotels and the hospitality industry in general.

The aim is to help you make the most of technology for all aspects of your business.

We've even included several financial offers in there to ease your burden.




Webinar 19th of May: Digital Transformation for hotels - What? Why and how? 

Would you like to discuss Digital Transformation for Hospitality with industry experts? We invite you to our live webinar, covering:

  • What is Digital Transformation for Hotels or hospitality in general?
  • Why should you care about it?
  • How do you practically go about Digital Transformation? 

When: 19th of May
10:00 London/11:00 Paris/13:00 Dubai




Product Updates

Our R&D team is continuously rolling out innovative solutions, as well as fixes bugs and adding enhancements to our products. Here are a few that were introduced this month:



  • Hoist Dashboard: The Benchmarking feature is now available to compare your hotel performance against the market.
  • Hoist Gift Card Product: You can now sell gift cards in bulk using the B2B Sales tool.
  • Conference Management Tool: Now available in 7 different languages.
  • Extranet Device Management: A new version has been rolled out with enhancements and fixes.

Contact your Account Manager at Hoist Group or to learn more.

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