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Newsletter OCTOBER 2023


Safety, Comfort, and Autonomy with the J-trac curtain rail system

In addition to providing colour, warmth, and sound absorption, our J-trac curtain rail system also offers a balance between safety and autonomy. It's not just about practical curtain solutions; it's about creating an environment where people can feel secure while maintaining control over their surroundings.


NEWS! GUIDES are now available to aid you in your measurements prior to placing an order. Scroll down for
further details!



Safety is one of our core principles. We have meticulously designed the J-trac curtain rail system to minimize risks and prevent unintended use. The curtain glides smoothly on the rail, and in the event of a potential risk, our glides release easily and can be reattached with a simple hand movement. With the J-trac curtain rail system, you can feel confident in a secure environment.



We also place a strong emphasis on autonomy. Curtains are more than decorative elements; they provide an opportunity for self-control and independence. By using the J-trac curtain rail system, staff, patients, or clients can adjust daylight exposure and customize their environment according to their needs. This promotes autonomy and well-being, particularly in areas such as psychiatry, youth care, and correctional services.


Manufacturing and sustainability

The J-trac curtain rail system is manufactured in Sweden and designed by Healsafe Interiors. This ensures not only high quality but also an environmentally conscious approach. All our rails and end stops are recyclable as metal, while glides and runners can be recycled as plastic.


Measuring guides for orders

To facilitate your ordering process for the J-trac curtain rail system, we have developed guides. These guides are intended to provide you with specific step-by-step guidance to make the right decisions for your business. We aim to make your ordering process smooth and hassle-free.


The guides cover several crucial factors to consider when ordering the J-trac curtain rail system and curtains:

  • You will receive guidance on choosing between a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted rail and how the choice of wall and ceiling materials affects your decision.
  • We assist you in calculating and measuring the length of the rail, taking into account any room limitations.
  • We offer advice on the optimal placement of the rail, with a focus on safety.
  • For curtains, we provide guidance on how to take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit.


The link to these helpful guides is available on our website, and you can easily download them. Visit our J-trac page to access them.




Our latest addition to the customer service and sales department, Alexandra Olsson, is testing the features of the J-trac curtain rail system in our premises. Welcome, Alexandra!


J-trac curtain rail is available in 3 versions

We offer the J-trac Curtain Rail System in three different versions:


J-trac ceiling-mounted curtain rail:

  • Perfect for ceiling installation, providing a clean and minimalist aesthetic.
  • Suitable when wall space is limited.

J-trac wall-mounted curtain rail:

  • Easy to install on the wall and adaptable to various room configurations.
  • Offers flexibility in curtain placement.

J-trac 90° shower curtain rail:

  • Creates a secure and private zone for the user.
  • Ideal for containing water and moisture in shower enclosures or bathtubs with a 90-degree angle.


Regardless of the version you choose, the curtain rail system always consists of three main components: rail, glides/runners, and end stops. This makes installation straightforward and adaptable to your needs.


Do you need advice or assistance? Email or call us, and we will assist you.



Running late with your order?

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