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#40 June 2022

Read about new products, new employees, improvements and much more!


Best regards, Magnus

      MPE greet Rebecka Renfjäll welcome to the company, read her presentation further down.

      MPE has been best known for our products for graffiti removal and graffiti protection, in recent years we have seen increased demand for products for facade washing and impregnations, read on for more info on this.

      As usual, there is a great demand for educations, we have held courses in Gothenburg and Stockholm during the spring, and we have had several customized educations.

      In this MPE News we also have product news that we present!

      It has been and is still a challenge for us to get raw materials on time and the prices have skyrocketed. Read about this and more, here in MPE News # 40!

Raw material shortage & longer delivery times

      The pandemic and the war in Europe affect both the supply of raw materials and the delivery time for these.

     This in turn means that we also find it more difficult to maintain the same fast delivery times. So far, we have managed to get everything we need for our products, within a reasonable time frame. But it gets harder with each passing day.

     Now, with the summer and holidays around the corner, delivery times from our suppliers can be affected as well. MPE will stay open as usual, but not with a full staff.

     We therefore kindly ask you as a customer to be one step ahead - to simply take into account that the delivery times you are used to, may be longer in the future. Maybe try to build a stock of the products you know are most important to your business.

     Hope you understand and that we can help to make end customers happy!


Product information and news

      As we have announced, we are in the process of changing from 5 to 10 liter cans - and soon we will be at the finish line! Many of our products are already completely gone on 5L.

      One of the advantages of this change is that we will reduce our deliveries in cartons, which is positive from an environmental perspective!

      If you want to buy larger quantities, it fits 60x10L on a full pallet and 27x10L on half a pallet.

MPE Stop Graffiti

A permanent graffiti protection for porous surfaces.

Product info

OFF Zeus

Permanent graffiti protection for non-porous surfaces.

Product info

OFF Graffiti Remover 4

Earlier this spring, we presented this product - and it is liked by customers who have tested it. Surfaces that can be difficult to clean without damaging such as plexiglass, road signs, etc. are surfaces that OFF Graffiti Remover 4 is suitable for. But always test on a small area before you start.



      There has been a shortage of spray nozzles and we have been looking for a long time for some with sufficiently high quality. Now we have finally found spray nozzles with good quality and wide spray image!

The products in question are:

OFF Graffiti Remover Eco
OFF Graffiti Remover 1
OFF Graffiti Remover 2

Our new employee

       So, who is Rebecka?

       I recently bought a house and am busy with everything that goes with it. Trying to grow vegetables, but it's not going too well. But I'm good at mowing the lawn!

       On weekdays, I watch TV-series and documentaries (but I have never seen an episode of Simpsons). On the weekends, I like to fill the house with loved ones or go out and eat some good food.

Convicted for graffiti on SL trains

      Three men have been convicted of, among other things, aggravated vandalism after systematical graffiti on commuter trains and subway for two years. Two of these were sentenced to prison. Read more about this here.

Social media

      Feel free to follow us on social media and you will be updated on product news and tips on cleaning:


     Here are photos and videos from one of our courses. During the training, the participants gain theoretical knowledge in graffiti removal, chemical knowledge, safety and training of just this on sharp objects.

      Our dealers Cleanhub in Norway also work to increase the competence within the company and with customers. This is what Stian Godeng says:

      Cleanhub has spent a lot of time building expertise with our customers so that they feel safe in the work with graffiti removal.
      Courses have been held at the largest wholesalers, and the largest agencies, as well as a number of municipalities.

      We have also presented the products at some corporate fairs.
      Sales of goods are rising steadily, and this is something we believe will continue.
      In the autumn, courses will also be held in Sweden, where MPE will certify many of the largest players in Norway.

- Stian Godeng, Cleanhub

Do you want to know more about our courses? Find all info here!

Facade cleaning

       Roof and facade cleaning - Find the right product at MPE!

       Washing a facade that is dirty from air pollution or biological growth such as algae, lava, moss and mold is not only important aesthetically.

       Air pollution from industries or exhaust fumes from vehicles, breaks down and destroys facades, statues and other affected surfaces. Biological growth is also a major problem on our roofs and facades.

       Click here for tips on products and procedures for washing facades, roofs, paint removal, industries and impregnation, etc.!